EP7: Reverse-Engineering the Value Ladder with Joel Erway

Aug 05, 2020


There’s no one correct way to craft an offer that will sell like crazy. And although it’s tempting to follow a method that works for someone else, you know best how to give the...


EP6: An Offer That Unlocks Your Highest Potential with Maja Miller

Jul 29, 2020


When does an offer become more than just an offer? In an age of repurposed swipe files and half-baked low-ticket schemes, there are a few individuals out there who have poured their passion...


EP5: Building the Perfect Low Ticket Offer Without the Headache with Miles Stutz

Jul 22, 2020


Does your low ticket offer seem like more trouble than it's worth (even if it doesn't exist yet)? Although your existing high ticket offer may look like the golden goose, having a low...


EP4: Lighten Your Offer, Find More Joy with Sarah Temte

Jul 15, 2020


Big, fancy retainers and high-dollar projects sound like a lot of fun…. right? Well, not to everyone. As many service providers will tell you, sometimes the secret to doing what you...


EP3: Making Low Ticket Gorgeous with Cathy Olson

Jul 01, 2020


When you think of great marketing, what words come to mind? "Effective," "logical," "intuitive"….but what about "gorgeous"? 

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and...


EP2: Accidental Entrepreneurship with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Jul 01, 2020


Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident - even businesses. There’s nothing more rewarding than turning your passion into widespread impact, and it starts with you taking...


EP1: Announcing The Low Ticket High Impact Show

Jun 29, 2020

“In this show, we're going to explore the idea of building a business around no-brainer, low-priced offers. If you're a course creator, a coach, a consultant or a service provider, this show...


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